Notícies de 1999

[1999-12-17] Alpha Processor and The Linux Store loan Alpha to Debian
[1999-12-15] Debian GNU/Linux 2.1r4 Released
[1999-12-06] New address for SPI
[1999-10-20] Debian Used at eBay
[1999-10-12] VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly & SGI Sponsor Debian GNU/Linux Retail Product
[1999-09-27] Debian booth at the Pluto Meeting, Padova, ITALY
[1999-09-23] 1999 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards
[1999-09-17] Debian used by France Telecom
[1999-09-01] Franklin Institute Science Museum Chooses Linux
[1999-08-26] Debian Chooses A New Logo
[1999-07-30] New Debian Installation and Usage Book Released
[1999-07-27] Associated Press features Debian
[1999-04-21] Strategic Alliance Between Corel, KDE and Debian
[1999-03-30] Debian Touts Integrated SGML Environment
[1999-03-09] Release of Debian 2.1
[1999-03-02] Release of Debian 2.1 delayed one week
[1999-02-25] Debian Events pages activated
[1999-02-25] Linux Hardware Solutions to support Debian Project
[1999-02-22] 32BitsOnline Linux Reviews
[1999-02-12] Debian based CUTE 2000 Server exhibited
[1999-02-04] Debian Logo Contest