Associated Press features Debian

July 27th, 1999

At the LinuxTag in Kaiserslautern we were contacted by Associated Press (ap). They wanted to release a few press messages containing Debian. Last week a correspondent from ap contacted Debian project member Martin Schulze and compiled two press messages.

Since they are written in German, we're giving a short English summary.

Stichwort: Debian

The article gives an introduction about Debian and explains some part of its ideology. The reader is told that about 500 volunteers work on Debian and create over 3,100 binary packages. He is told about the name and our non-commercialism. Also explained is the social contract combined with a reference to the FSF. It is said that quality is a high goal for Debian, the article is closed with a reference to Hurd.

Auf steinigen Pfaden zum pflegeleichten Pinguin
Unfortunately, the link above is no longer available. If you know of a site that still contains the article, please notify

Here Associated Press talks about the installation of Debian GNU/Linux and the resulting operating system compared with other vendors. Mentioned is the glorious package management with dpkg. This article is more detailed, it is surrounded by references to Stormlinux, Corel, CHIP.

A related article, featuring "Wizard of Open Source", a congress in Berlin:

Freie Software als Gegenmodell zur Marktmacht der Konzerne

This report gives a short overview about the conference in Berlin (07/18/99). It features an interview with Richard Stallman and explains the ideology behind Open Source/Free Software.