Debian booth at the Pluto Meeting, Padova, ITALY

September 27th, 1999

On September 24 & 25 the Pluto Meeting 1999 has been held in Padova, ITALY. The Meeting was hosted by the University of Padova (DEI). Debian was present with a booth kindly offered by the Meeting organization and sponsored by PROSA that lent us two machines: an UltraSPARC and an Alpha (both running Debian). A third machine (an i386 laptop) was present, running potato (Debian 2.2), GNOME and apt. Almost everyone was amazed by the little box automagically upgrading itself and installing programs at visitors' requests.

PROSA also printed about 100 Debian t-shirts and donated them to Debian people who sold them all in just one hour. The t-shirts were designed (using the free logo) and manufactured by MIXAD MIXAD donated its work to Debian by charging PROSA for the cost of the raw materials only. The revenue (about 750 US$) will be donated to SPI

The Debian booth was a big success, even if the gnome-mahjong duel was won by the Red Hat people. Many thanks to the organization, to PROSA and everybody who stopped by the booth to talk, hack or ask questions. See you there next year.