Debian Security Advisory

DSA-4127-1 simplesamlphp -- security update

Date Reported:
02 Mar 2018
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In the Debian bugtracking system: Bug 889286.
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2017-12867, CVE-2017-12869, CVE-2017-12873, CVE-2017-12874, CVE-2017-18121, CVE-2017-18122, CVE-2018-6519, CVE-2018-6521, CVE-2018-7644.
More information:

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in SimpleSAMLphp, a framework for authentication, primarily via the SAML protocol.

  • CVE-2017-12867

    Attackers with access to a secret token could extend its validity period by manipulating the prepended time offset.

  • CVE-2017-12869

    When using the multiauth module, attackers can bypass authentication context restrictions and use any authentication source defined in the config.

  • CVE-2017-12873

    Defensive measures have been taken to prevent the administrator from misconfiguring persistent NameIDs to avoid identifier clash. (Affects Debian 8 Jessie only.)

  • CVE-2017-12874

    The InfoCard module could accept incorrectly signed XML messages in rare occasions.

  • CVE-2017-18121

    The consentAdmin module was vulnerable to a Cross-Site Scripting attack, allowing an attacker to craft links that could execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the victim's browser.

  • CVE-2017-18122

    The (deprecated) SAML 1.1 implementation would regard as valid any unsigned SAML response containing more than one signed assertion, provided that the signature of at least one of the assertions was valid, allowing an attacker that could obtain a valid signed assertion from an IdP to impersonate users from that IdP.

  • CVE-2018-6519

    Regular expression denial of service when parsing extraordinarily long timestamps.

  • CVE-2018-6521

    Change sqlauth module MySQL charset from utf8 to utf8mb to prevent theoretical query truncation that could allow remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions

  • CVE-2018-7644

    Critical signature validation vulnerability.

For the oldstable distribution (jessie), these problems have been fixed in version 1.13.1-2+deb8u1.

For the stable distribution (stretch), these problems have been fixed in version 1.14.11-1+deb9u1.

We recommend that you upgrade your simplesamlphp packages.

For the detailed security status of simplesamlphp please refer to its security tracker page at: