Debian logos

Debian has two logos. The official logo (also known as open use logo) contains the well-known Debian swirl and best represents the visual identity of the Debian Project. A separate, restricted-use logo, also exists for use by the Debian Project and its members only. To refer to Debian, please prefer the open use logo.

Debian Open Use Logo

The Debian Open Use Logo comes in two flavors, with and without “Debian” label.

The Debian Open Use Logo(s) are Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest, Inc., and are released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 or any later version, or, at your option, of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Note: we would appreciate that you make the image a link to if you use it on a web page.

With ``Debian'' Without ``Debian''
JPEG 100x123 - 8k JPEG 101x124 - 8k
PNG 100x123 - 2k PNG 101x124 - 2k
JPEG 75x92 - 6k JPEG 75x92 - 5k
PNG 75x92 - 1k PNG 75x92 - 1k
JPEG 50x61 - 4k JPEG 50x61 - 4k
PNG 50x61 - 1k PNG 50x61 - 1k
JPEG 25x30 - 2k JPEG 25x30 - 2k
PNG 25x30 - 1k PNG 25x30 - 1k
Gimp - 83k Gimp - 64k
SVG - 11k SVG - 7k
Encapsulated PostScript - 11k Encapsulated PostScript - 7k
PDF - 5k PDF - 3k

Debian Restricted Use Logo

Debian Restricted Use Logo License

Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest

  1. This logo may only be used if:
    • the product it is used for is made using a documented procedure as published on (for example official CD-creation), or
    • official approval is given by Debian for its use in this purpose
  2. May be used if an official part of debian (decided using the rules in I) is part of the complete product, if it is made clear that only this part is officially approved
  3. We reserve the right to revoke a license for a product

Permission has been given to use the restricted logo on clothing (shirts, hats, etc) as long as they are made by a Debian developer and not sold for profit.

With ``Debian'' Without ``Debian''
JPEG 100x221 - 8k JPEG 100x193 - 7k
JPEG 75x165 - 7k JPEG 75x144 - 6k
JPEG 50x110 - 4k JPEG 50x96 - 3k
JPEG 25x55 - 3k JPEG 25x48 - 2k
Gimp - 77k Gimp - 60k
SVG - 8k SVG - 6k
Encapsulated PostScript - 8k Encapsulated PostScript - 6k
PDF - 13k PDF - 6k

About the Debian logos

The Debian logos were selected by a vote by the Debian developers in 1999. They were created by Raul Silva. The red color used in the font is nominally Rubine Red 2X CVC. The up-to-date equivalent is either PANTONE Strong Red C (rendered in RGB as #CE0056) or PANTONE Rubine Red C (rendered in RGB as #CE0058). You can find more details about the logos and the reason why PANTONE Rubine Red 2X CVC has been replaced and about other equivalents of the red color on the Debian Logo Wiki Page.

Other promotional images

Debian buttons

[Debian GNU/Linux] This is the first button made for the Project. The license of this logo is equivalent to the Open Use logo license. The button was created by Craig Small.

Here are some more buttons that have been made for Debian:

[Powered by Debian](XCF)   [Powered by Debian]   [Powered by Debian]   [Powered by Debian]   [Powered by Debian GNU/Linux]   [Debian powered]   [Debian powered]   [Debian] (mini button)   [Debian powered]  

Debian Diversity logo

There is a variation of the Debian logo to promote diversity in our community, it's called the Debian Diversity logo:
[Debian Diversity logo]
The logo was created by Valessio Brito and it's licensed under GPLv3. The source (SVG format) is available in the author's Git repository.

Debian hexagonal sticker

This is a sticker following the hexagonal stickers specification:
[Debian GNU/Linux]
The source (SVG format) and a Makefile to generate the png and svg previews are available in the Debian flyers repo. The license of this sticker is equivalent to the Open Use logo license. The sticker was created by Elena Grandi.