Uppdaterad Debian 10; 10.13 utgiven

10 september 2022

Debianprojektet presenterar stolt sin trettonde (och sista) uppdatering till dess gamla stabila utgåva Debian 10 (med kodnamnet buster). Denna punktutgåva lägger huvudsakligen till rättningar för säkerhetsproblem, tillsammans med ytterligare rättningar för allvarliga problem. Säkerhetsbulletiner har redan publicerats separat och refereras när de finns tillgängliga.

Efter denna punktutgåva kommer inte Debians säkerhetsgrupp och utgåvegrupp att producera uppdateringar till Debian 10. Användare som vill fortsätta få säkerhetsstöd bör uppdatera till Debian 11, eller se https://wiki.debian.org/LTS för detaljer om undergruppen av arkitekturer och paket som stöds av projektet för långtidsstöd (Long Term Support).

Vänligen notera att punktutgåvan inte innebär en ny version av Debian 10 utan endast uppdaterar några av de inkluderade paketen. Det behövs inte kastas bort gamla media av buster. Efter installationen kan paket uppgraderas till de aktuella versionerna genom att använda en uppdaterad Debianspegling..

De som frekvent installerar uppdateringar från security.debian.org kommer inte att behöva uppdatera många paket, och de flesta av sådana uppdateringar finns inkluderade i punktutgåvan.

Nya installationsavbildningar kommer snart att finnas tillgängliga på de vanliga platserna.

En uppgradering av en existerande installation till denna revision kan utföras genom att peka pakethanteringssystemet på en av Debians många HTTP-speglingar. En utförlig lista på speglingar finns på:


Blandade felrättningar

Denna uppdatering av den gamla stabila utgåvan lägger till några viktiga felrättningar till följande paket:

Paket Orsak
adminer Fix open redirect issue, cross-site scripting issues [CVE-2020-35572 CVE-2021-29625]; elasticsearch: Do not print response if HTTP code is not 200 [CVE-2021-21311]; provide a compiled version and configuration files
apache2 Fix denial of service issue [CVE-2022-22719], HTTP request smuggling issue [CVE-2022-22720], integer overflow issue [CVE-2022-22721], out-of-bounds write issue [CVE-2022-23943], HTTP request smuggling issue [CVE-2022-26377], out-of-bounds read issues [CVE-2022-28614 CVE-2022-28615], denial of service issue [CVE-2022-29404], out-of-bounds read issue [CVE-2022-30556], possible IP-based authentication bypass issue [CVE-2022-31813]
base-files Update for the 10.13 point release
clamav New upstream stable release; security fixes [CVE-2022-20770 CVE-2022-20771 CVE-2022-20785 CVE-2022-20792 CVE-2022-20796]
commons-daemon Fix JVM detection
composer Fix code injection vulnerability [CVE-2022-24828]; update GitHub token pattern; use Authorization header instead of deprecated access_token query parameter
debian-installer Rebuild against buster-proposed-updates; increase Linux ABI to 4.19.0-21
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild against buster-proposed-updates; increase Linux ABI to 4.19.0-21
debian-security-support Update security status of various packages
debootstrap Ensure non-merged-usr chroots can continue to be created for older releases and buildd chroots
distro-info-data Add Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Jammy Jellyfish and Ubuntu 22.10, Kinetic Kudu
dropbear Fix possible username enumeration issue [CVE-2019-12953]
eboard Fix segfault on engine selection
esorex Fix testsuite failures on armhf and ppc64el caused by incorrect libffi usage
evemu Fix build failure with recent kernel versions
feature-check Fix some version comparisons
flac Fix out-of-bounds write issue [CVE-2021-0561]
foxtrotgps Fix build failure with newer imagemagick versions
freeradius Fix side-channel leak where 1 in 2048 handshakes fail [CVE-2019-13456], denial of service issue due to multithreaded BN_CTX access [CVE-2019-17185], crash due to non-thread safe memory allocation
freetype Fix buffer overflow issue [CVE-2022-27404]; fix crashes [CVE-2022-27405 CVE-2022-27406]
fribidi Fix buffer overflow issues [CVE-2022-25308 CVE-2022-25309]; fix crash [CVE-2022-25310]
ftgl Don't try to convert PNG to EPS for latex, as our imagemagick has EPS disabled for security reasons
gif2apng Fix heap-based buffer overflows [CVE-2021-45909 CVE-2021-45910 CVE-2021-45911]
gnucash Fix build failure with recent tzdata
gnutls28 Fix test suite when combined with OpenSSL 1.1.1e or newer
golang-github-docker-go-connections Skip tests that use expired certificates
golang-github-pkg-term Fix building on newer 4.19 kernels
golang-github-russellhaering-goxmldsig Fix NULL pointer dereference issue [CVE-2020-7711]
grub-efi-amd64-signed New upstream release
grub-efi-arm64-signed New upstream release
grub-efi-ia32-signed New upstream release
grub2 New upstream release
htmldoc Fix infinite loop [CVE-2022-24191], integer overflow issues [CVE-2022-27114] and heap buffer overflow issue [CVE-2022-28085]
iptables-netflow Fix DKMS build failure regression caused by Linux upstream changes in the 4.19.191 kernel
isync Fix buffer overflow issues [CVE-2021-3657]
kannel Fix build failure by disabling generation of Postscript documentation
krb5 Use SHA256 as Pkinit CMS Digest
libapache2-mod-auth-openidc Improve validation of the post-logout URL parameter on logout [CVE-2019-14857]
libdatetime-timezone-perl Update included data
libhttp-cookiejar-perl Fix build failure by increasing the expiry date of a test cookie
libnet-freedb-perl Change the default host from the defunct freedb.freedb.org to gnudb.gnudb.org
libnet-ssleay-perl Fix test failures with OpenSSL 1.1.1n
librose-db-object-perl Fix test failure after 6/6/2020
libvirt-php Fix segmentation fault in libvirt_node_get_cpu_stats
llvm-toolchain-13 New source package to support building of newer firefox-esr and thunderbird versions
minidlna Validate HTTP requests to protect against DNS rebinding attacks [CVE-2022-26505]
mokutil New upstream version, to allow for SBAT management
mutt Fix uudecode buffer overflow [CVE-2022-1328]
node-ejs Sanitize options and new objects [CVE-2022-29078]
node-end-of-stream Work around test bug
node-minimist Fix prototype pollution issue [CVE-2021-44906]
node-node-forge Fix signature verification issues [CVE-2022-24771 CVE-2022-24772 CVE-2022-24773]
node-require-from-string Fix a test in conjunction with nodejs >= 10.16
nvidia-graphics-drivers New upstream release
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-390xx New upstream release; fix out-of-bound write issues [CVE-2022-28181 CVE-2022-28185]; security fixes [CVE-2022-31607 CVE-2022-31608 CVE-2022-31615]
octavia Fix client certificate checks [CVE-2019-17134]; correctly detect that the agent is running on Debian; fix template that generates vrrp check script; add additional runtime dependencies; ship additional configuration directly in the agent package
orca Fix use with WebKitGTK 2.36
pacemaker Update relationship versions to fix upgrades from stretch LTS
pglogical Fix build failure
php-guzzlehttp-psr7 Fix improper header parsing [CVE-2022-24775]
postfix New upstream stable release; do not override user set default_transport; if-up.d: do not error out if postfix can't send mail yet; fix duplicate bounce_notice_recipient entries in postconf output
postgresql-common pg_virtualenv: Write temporary password file before chowning the file
postsrsd Fix potential denial of service issue when Postfix sends certain long data fields such as multiple concatenated email addresses [CVE-2021-35525]
procmail Fix NULL pointer dereference
publicsuffix Update included data
python-keystoneauth1 Update tests to fix build failure
python-scrapy Don't send authentication data with all requests [CVE-2021-41125]; don't expose cookies cross-domain when redirecting [CVE-2022-0577]
python-udatetime Properly link against libm library
qtbase-opensource-src Fix setTabOrder for compound widgets; add an expansion limit for XML entities [CVE-2015-9541]
ruby-activeldap Add missing dependency on ruby-builder
ruby-hiredis Skip some unreliable tests in order to fix build failure
ruby-http-parser.rb Fix build failure when using http-parser containing the fix for CVE-2019-15605
ruby-riddle Allow use of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE
sctk Use pdftoppm instead of convert to convert PDF to JPEG as the latter fails with the changed security policy of ImageMagick
twisted Fix incorrect URI and HTTP method validation issue [CVE-2019-12387], incorrect certificate validation in XMPP support [CVE-2019-12855], HTTP/2 denial of service issues, HTTP request smuggling issues [CVE-2020-10108 CVE-2020-10109 CVE-2022-24801], information disclosure issue when following cross-domain redirects [CVE-2022-21712], denial of service issue during SSH handshake [CVE-2022-21716]
tzdata Update timezone data for Iran, Chile and Palestine; update leap andra list
ublock-origin New upstream stable release
unrar-nonfree Fix directory traversal issue [CVE-2022-30333]
wireshark Fix remote code execution issue [CVE-2021-22191], denial of service issues [CVE-2021-4181 CVE-2021-4184 CVE-2021-4185 CVE-2022-0581 CVE-2022-0582 CVE-2022-0583 CVE-2022-0585 CVE-2022-0586]


Denna revision lägger till följande säkerhetsuppdateringar till den gamla stabila utgåvan. Säkerhetsgruppen har redan släppt bulletiner för alla dessa uppdateringar:

Bulletin-ID Paket
DSA-4836 openvswitch
DSA-4852 openvswitch
DSA-4906 chromium
DSA-4911 chromium
DSA-4917 chromium
DSA-4981 firefox-esr
DSA-5034 thunderbird
DSA-5044 firefox-esr
DSA-5045 thunderbird
DSA-5069 firefox-esr
DSA-5074 thunderbird
DSA-5077 librecad
DSA-5080 snapd
DSA-5086 thunderbird
DSA-5090 firefox-esr
DSA-5094 thunderbird
DSA-5097 firefox-esr
DSA-5106 thunderbird
DSA-5108 tiff
DSA-5109 faad2
DSA-5111 zlib
DSA-5113 firefox-esr
DSA-5115 webkit2gtk
DSA-5118 thunderbird
DSA-5119 subversion
DSA-5122 gzip
DSA-5123 xz-utils
DSA-5126 ffmpeg
DSA-5129 firefox-esr
DSA-5131 openjdk-11
DSA-5132 ecdsautils
DSA-5135 postgresql-11
DSA-5137 needrestart
DSA-5138 waitress
DSA-5139 openssl
DSA-5140 openldap
DSA-5141 thunderbird
DSA-5142 libxml2
DSA-5143 firefox-esr
DSA-5144 condor
DSA-5145 lrzip
DSA-5147 dpkg
DSA-5149 cups
DSA-5150 rsyslog
DSA-5151 smarty3
DSA-5152 spip
DSA-5153 trafficserver
DSA-5154 webkit2gtk
DSA-5156 firefox-esr
DSA-5157 cifs-utils
DSA-5158 thunderbird
DSA-5159 python-bottle
DSA-5160 ntfs-3g
DSA-5164 exo
DSA-5165 vlc
DSA-5167 firejail
DSA-5169 openssl
DSA-5171 squid
DSA-5172 firefox-esr
DSA-5173 linux-latest
DSA-5173 linux-signed-amd64
DSA-5173 linux-signed-arm64
DSA-5173 linux-signed-i386
DSA-5173 linux
DSA-5174 gnupg2
DSA-5175 thunderbird
DSA-5176 blender
DSA-5178 intel-microcode
DSA-5181 request-tracker4
DSA-5182 webkit2gtk
DSA-5185 mat2
DSA-5186 djangorestframework
DSA-5188 openjdk-11
DSA-5189 gsasl
DSA-5190 spip
DSA-5193 firefox-esr
DSA-5194 booth
DSA-5195 thunderbird
DSA-5196 libpgjava

Borttagna paket

Följande paket har tagits bort på grund av omständigheter utom vår kontroll:

Paket Orsak
elog Icke underhållen; säkerhetsproblem
libnet-amazon-perl Beroende på bottaget API


Installeraren har uppdaterats för att inkludera rättningarna som har inkluderats i den gamla stabila utgåvan med denna punktutgåva.


Den fullständiga listan på paket som har förändrats i denna revision:


Den aktuella gamla stabila utgåvan:


Föreslagna uppdateringar till den gamla stabila utgåvan:


Information om den gamla stabila utgåvan (versionsfakta, kända problem osv.):


Säkerhetsbulletiner och information:


Om Debian

Debianprojektet är en grupp utvecklare av Fri mjukvara som donerar sin tid och kraft för att producera det helt fria operativsystemet Debian.


För ytterligare information, vänligen besök Debians webbplats på https://www.debian.org/, skicka e-post till <press@debian.org>, eller kontakta gruppen för stabila utgåvor på <debian-release@lists.debian.org>.